A Brief History of Time

Long ago:
The Elder Gods sought to create the perfect World, they almost succeeded. The Divine Three created Ring World. They placed the Precursors upon it, the Precursors sought their own God hood and struck the Three. In defense they created the Dragons and BLANK to destroy Precursors. Eons ago the Precursors were scoured form the world, their cities, settlements, monuments and legacy scoured from creation.

The Ascension War: With the Precursors defeated and Gone Dragon kind and BLANK fell upon each other in Holy war to gain favor with the Elder Gods. The war continues today with neither side able to break their Aeons long stalemate.

Almost 500 Years ago:

Humanity is a slave race, living is squander at the hands of BLANK2 and Dragon Rule. Rebellion grows, violence is everywhere, Dragon kind and BLANK2 call for aid from their Masters. Dragons and BLANK descended on the rebellion, poised to end nearly everything. This is when the Three Heroes of Old discovered the ancient weapon on Grey Top. They unleashed it on the 13th hour of the arrival of both Dragon and BLANK. Dragon and Blank were driven Back, Humanity for the first time was a free and had a land of its own, but peace is fragile and must be defended.

The Grey Order makes it home on Grey Top and defends the Weapon that ensures the Freedom of Humanity. The Realms each support the Order with resources and authority to defend their collective borders. The agents of the Grey Order are called Conservators. They operate apart and above the Governments of the Confederacy, Pharaoh Lands and the Frost Marches.
Conservators stand against The Dragon Empires to the East and the Blank to the West. Other Kingdoms under the protection of the weapon’s boarders have antagonist intentions, The Wild Lands between civilizations spawn numerous threats, and crime and corruption can grow and fester. These threats are what Conservators stand against.

A Brief History of Time

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