Faith is not the strong cornerstone upon Ring worlds as it is in most fantasy settings. The only true Gods are The Three Elder Gods whom are far removed from the plight and triumphs of the inhabitants of Ring World. This, however, does not mean that there is no religion, just that it operates differently.

Magic is everywhere on ring world and can be manipulated in a number of ways, from Arcane Sciences, Soul bearing ritual and attainment with cosmic forces.

Faith is the engine of magic for Paladins, Clerics and other “divine” spell castors. Their spells are not “gifted” to them or “Granted” to them by a God Head but rather are manifestations of the Characters TRUE faith.

This means that a Character has to have Faith is something to shape magic as a Divine Spellcaster. For most people it is going to fall into two categories. First, an organization of a spiritual nature such as a Church. Second, Firmly held belief in an IDEAL or “priori” concept (think a clerical Domain)

Faith in the Pharaoh Lands.
The Divine Family is the Legal (Royal) Leaders as well as the state supported Religion. The Faith is led by the Ascendent members of the Divine Family that serve as the focal points for worship.
The Ascendents

Faith in the Imperial Confederacy
In the Empire Churches have become the predominate engine of faith on most Cities
Church to be designed
Cult to be Designed

Faith in the Frost Marche
Each Village, Hamlet and Borge often houses its own small house of worship. The houses tend to focus on ancestry worship and elemental worship. Administration of the faith is often seen in the feminine as it is often led by priestess and maidens.

The Soul Question.
Souls are a shard of Divine energy that is required for something to be “alive” most living things in the animal kingdom are considered to have souls.
Upon Death a Soul can linger, sometimes trapped by the trauma of their own death, or consumed by a final duty. Once the soul accepts that its mortal form has passed they begin to dissipate back into the Ethereal were the energy may suffuse with creation, reincarnate, or flow as spell work.
Occasionally things are born without a soul, these things are considered Alien at best and monsters at worse. The tell tale birth defect of black and empty eyes gives away the nature of such individuals and creatures.


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