Magic as technology

With ritual magic being common, the forces of the elements ready to be harnessed, and numerous schools and techniques of magical aptitude many marvels are available to the peoples of the Free Reams.

Healing Rites and Rituals.
Almost everyone has access to basic magical healing, this allows most people to live full, healthy and productive lives.

The Green Faith.
Farmers, Wild Folk, Druids, and other who live off the lands are often said to practice the green Faith. While certainly a religion to some for most is is a codex of rite and rituals to focus the natural magics of the land to the will of the people. By following the Green Codex, or the “Farmers Almanciam” the best times for planting, harvesting are ensured. In addition it contains the rituals to ensure crops are free of pest and rains arrive as needed. Finally, in times of more prevalent magical energies crops can be enhanced.

Order of Minds Eyes A collection of Mindwalkers that may pass messages between each other regardless of distance as easily as a normal person would have a conversation.

Arcantrick Weapons Originally created by the Dwarves, the magical Firearms are Deadly in the hand of a trained marksmen.

Ritual Spells Many spells can be cast in ritual form by individuals or groups, allowing for greater access to resources and greater productivity.

Airships Ships that can travel the skies with ease.

Magic as technology

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