Frost Marches


In the Far and Frozen south is the land of the Frost Marche.

Freedom has existed in the Frost Marches longer than the rest of the realms. The lack of the population density and relative scarcity of resources meant that BLANK and the Dragon Empires never crushed the area under heel. Instead the lands were raided and plundered ever summer as winter receded to the south. The brief summer is an important time in the Frost Marche as it is the only time to manage crops prepare for the long winter. Before the Liberation the Frost March is where escaping humans could flee to. During the Liberation it became then a place the fires of revolution went from embers to the blazing light that lit the path for the Realms.

The Rule of the land of the Frost Marches is technically under the domain of the Cold Lord. The position is largely ceremonial merely approving actions of varies Jarls. The Jarls come from the many small villages and settlement throughout the Marche. One of the only real duties of consequence the Cold Lord acts on is the appointments to Grey Top.

The Frost March is not densely populated as the land is not well suited for farming.
The inhabitants survive off of the land via gathering, herding fishing and hunting. Dotting the coast line and inner plains are hundreds of tiny villages that have no permanent inhabitants. For every hundred or so of these villages are impressive and might castles. When winter comes the masses retreat behind the great walls and the defensible positions of these fortified holdings.

Njordin Palace

Exports: Iron, Wools and furs.
Imports: Grain, Rice and Reagents
Section of coast line in summer
One of the Winter Castles that holds the population safe from the ravages of winter until Spring comes

Frost Marches

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