Grey Top

7a7e1cc2d8dc75cbbdc5923baf9af7bf.jpgThe Grey Mountain stands alone in the of the center of the Realms. It is here that the ancient Weapon of the Precursors was discovered.

This Weapon now under the control of Humanity can strike far and with extreme magical destruction. It can be fired to destroy large swaths of troops or precisely to such affect that it can even strike down a Dragon.

Discovery: The Precursor Weapon was found nearly 500 years ago and began the Liberation.

Management: The Pharaoh Lands, Frost Marche and Imperial Confederacy each supply a member to the Council.

The Conservators: A group with singular legal authority in the Realms tasked with the defense of The Weapon and preservation and security of the Realms.

The Town of Over Watch supports the population of Grey Top and the institutions based there.

Independence Point The highest point on Grey Top were an ancient Precursor installation was hidden. The installation is small and easily overlooked but has made all the difference.

Grey Top

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