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A Brief History of Time
The Ring World The construct of the gods that is the home of the setting.
Player Characters You are a member of the Grey Order, an agent, a Conservator. Your authority is near absolute, your responsibilities are many and your duty sacred.

The Realms
The Free Realms The allied countries that control Grey Top and the neighboring realms.
Airships There are about 100 or so airship in the Free Realms.
Religion Faith is an engine of spiritual power and provides structure to peoples lives, without active Gods it is Faith that powers Religion and Divine magics.
Magic as technologyRitual Casting is prevalent in the setting,
Races The Free Realms is almost entirely Human, but not exclusively.

Vile Threats
The Dragon Empires To the East of the Free Lands this is were Dragons still rule supreme and maneuver to see humanity crushed for its insolence or enslaved to serve their own needs.
Strithrix Hive mind insectoids that rule the Thaluvien Blights, and control the Dwarven Homs.

Mana Stones Essentially magic batteries that power Magical devices and will be the limiting resource of the party.
Gods The Entities that wield the power of Gods are far removed for the workings of the Ring World and appear to care little for the plight of Humanity

Notable Characters

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