The Council

The Pharaoh Lands, Imperial Confederacy, and Frost marches all appoint a member to the council according to their own rules and traditions. The Triumvirate serves as the arbiter for the three Nations, a leading Governmental Body, regulatory commission, and united Diplomatic Face for the Three nations. Among the many responsibilities and concerns of this body is the oversight of Grey Top, and the Grey Order of the Conservators.

Pharaoh Lands council member:
While the council is in session a member an ascendent member of the Divine Family will sit on the council. The position is most often held by Osiris. Anubis and Bast have never served on the Council.

Confederate council member:
The position in the Imperial Confederacy is a life long appointment. Winning the appointment requires a clear degree of capability and political acumen.

Frost March Council member:
The position is appointed by The Cold Lord just like all other matters regarding Grey Top.

The Council

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