The Free Realms

The Three Council Nations

The Imperial Confederated Realms of Rome The Empire to the West of Grey Top, the preeminent military Power of the Realms.

The Pharaoh Lands To the northeast of Grey Top is the Pharaoh Lands, the entire civilization is built on the banks of the eternal river. Ruled by the Divine Family under the Pharaoh, a living god head.

Frost Marches To the Far south of Grey Top in a land well removed for the rest of the Realms. A cold an unforgiving land of fjords, tundra and winter woods.

Grey Top The political, geographical, and central power of the Realms. The home to order of Conservators.

The Council TriumvirateThe Ruling and diplomatic body of the combined, Imperial Confederacy, Pharaoh Lands, and Frost Marches.

Other Realms

The Black Forest
Golden Sands
Blasted Lands
Griffin Empire
Mortis Mori

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The Free Realms

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