The Grey Order

Based on Grey Top the Grey order is the central focus of this campaign.
The PC are members of the order, specifically of the Conservator branch. Story wise the PCs have been selected to serve the organization through a process of application and appointment.

THE Conservator branch reports to the Conservator General who in terms answers directly to the council of three nations.

Conservators are tasked with numerous responsibilities in the name of defending and preserving the realms. They operate outside of the normal legal framework, given special dispensation by virtue of their office.


  1. Serve and defend the Precursor Weapon at Liberation Point.
  2. Protect the Free Realms and Council Nations from harm, external influence and corruption
  3. See to the Preservation and Stability of the Realms.

Powers awarded to a Conservator.

License to Kill: A Conservator is allowed to engage with lethal force and defense in pursuant of duty.

Writ of Execution: A Conservator my sentence ,on behalf of the council, for crimes against the Realms, punishment including, but not limited to, Death.

Right of Audience. A Conservator may speak with and citizen of the Council Races. A request for audience must be granted in an orderly fashion.

Writ of Inquiry and Investigation. A Conservator may view and investigate persons and locations as they see fit.

Right of Appropriations and Seizure: A Conservator may Appropriate and Seize State and limited private resources while in pursuant of their duties.

Conservator Benefits:

Private or communal living space in Overwatch. While the Estates of Overwatch are not overly large a Conservator is granted a private residence or apartment if one is desired. Alternately there are private barracks at Liberation Point.

Funeral Costs Covered: It is a dangerous job, few Conservators retire form the post due to age.

Allowance: A Conservator is not paid, they have access to sizable funds and may exchange tokens of mark for services and materials needed. They are specifically granted these privileges as it believed it will remove a possibility for corruption.

Tokens of Service/Seizure: Small Ceramic Disks that may be psionicaly imprinted with details of a transaction. These allow a Conservator to “pay” for services, damages, and seizures.

Badge of office: You get one.

Brand of Recall: A magical tattoo in-laced with alchemical silver on the left wrist. This Tattoo can teleport a Conservator to the “recall” room at Liberation Point. The Conservtor engages in a ritual to activate the tattoo which also requires the use of a Mana Stone or the actual teleportation spell. The Tattoo can be activated remotely by Liberation Point to retrieve a Conservator in a time of need.

The Grey Order

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