The Imperial Confederated Realms of Rome

The Imperial Confederated Realms of Rome.

To the West of Grey Top the Empire stretches ever westward to the edge of the Great Weapons reach. Some 50 cities states make up the Empire with Rome in the central region. Each city operates as t own miniature nation state but each paying tribute to Rome.

Rome Conquered, captured, won control of the many cities in the period just after discovery of the Great Weapon. In some Rome was a shining liberator disposing despots, in others bring order in the chaos of the liberation. In the case of the Clan lands to the far west they joined for the benefits of Empire and trade. Others were won the control of trade and political maneuvering. Rome was a master of statesmanship, military, economic and political power has always been wielded with exceptional skill.

The Empire is a collection of City States under the banner of Rome. Each City sees to its own rule in as it sees fit and regarding its own traditions. Some cities are century old monarchies, other have embraced the social experiment of Democracy. Rome demands tribute form each city state. The first tribute is a pair of senators. The member form the Confederated Government of the Empire. The senators are divided into councils and committees that address the daily operations government. In addition, each council determines the value of the tributes of each. Tribute is the second demand of Rome. Each state offers recourse to the Confederated government based on their capabilities and interests. Some tribute coin, raw materials, fine and finished goods, military forces and finally votes in the senate.
As no senator may sit on a council that would determine the value of his or her own city’s tributes or must abstain from placing the value the tribute. The value of each tribute is translated into votes. There are only a given # of votes per tribute session and as such no state can afford give too little.

Rome The capital city and seat of the Senate.
Shan Kri
Traten City of Toweres
Krein Karlot Bastion City, the last city to bow to Rome.

The Sengoku region

The Imperial Confederated Realms of Rome

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