The Pharaoh Lands

One of the Great Pyramids caytalise star light and celestial energies into a Mana Stones.

The regions only a few scant miles off the banks the eternal river is barren and blasted desert. However, closer to banks is fertile and vibrant lands. These lands served as the bread basket for Dragon lands and support then mineral mining and precious stone recovery of the wastes. During the liberation the people had no governance of command, the Divine Family came to provide it.

Monarchy by divine mandate. The royalty of the Pharaoh Lands is led by the Pharaoh him or herself. Upon taking the title the family member sheds his or her old name and is simply “the Pharaoh” and leader of the Royal household. The Pharaoh presides over The Ascendents, members of the family whom also don an ancestral role of the governance of the Pharaoh Lands. For Example Anubis is the supreme Judge of the land and holds final arbiting authority on legal matters. On rare occasion member of the family will be married of by order of the Pharaoh to bring in talented statement into the family.
Key Word: Ascendant. A member of the Royal family by blood or marriage that has taken on the figurehead of office. The person publicly renounces their “mortal” lie and becomes the living embodiment of their office. The office lasts until death or replacement by the Pharaoh. Ascendants are also known to live longer then natural lives, the Pharaoh himself is nearing his 85th ascension day and is said to be nearly 120 years of age.

As a consequence of worship of the Masses many members of the Royal family and especially the ascendants are able to wield divine magics with relative ease. Officially worship of the Pharaoh and the Royal Family is the state religion and open worship of unfavorable is publicly discouraged and generally shunned by the people. Travelers from other lands are often looked at being naïve and superstitions.

Ne-Ishtar The inverted city
Temple of IsisRemote College of Magical learning.

The Pharaoh Lands

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